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How to plant azaleas?

How and where should I plant azaleas?  What type of soil and or fertilizer is best? How much sunlight is needed?
asked Jun 25, 2012 by anonymous

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15 Answers

Azaleas generally need a slightly acidic soil.  They should be planted in an area with good drainage and a medium amount of sun light.  Protection from wind is also helpful.  Using a soil additive such as Miracle Grow for Azaleas will help give them the proper soil acidity.  If you live in an area where the winters are very cold it is a good idea to mulch heavily in the fall to protect the plants and then remove some mulch in the spring.
answered Jun 25, 2012 by anonymous
My euonymus is covered with what appear to be  hundreds of house flies. I can hear them swarming when I pass the tree.How can I eliminate them, as I really like the tree?  Thanks for any help you can give...
answered Jul 23, 2012 by anonymous
How and when can azaleas be cut back.
answered Aug 11, 2012 by anonymous

How To Plant Azaleas

You need to make sure the land is well drained and the soil must be a tad bit acidic. Also make sure there is not too much sunlight, just enough to make it grow. Once that is done then you will have azaleas growing in no time.

answered Sep 20, 2012 by anonymous
  • enlightened what is the uses of fertilize
answered May 5, 2013 by anonymous
weather in oklahoma degrees is 50,70,100dg.protect my baby in the heat??
answered May 11, 2013 by anonymous
The evergreen azaela's (Karen variety) in my garden center do not have very many leaves on them.  Does that indicate a problem and should I avoid purchasing them?  They do have lots of buds.
answered May 12, 2013 by anonymous
what crops would you best suggest 13.13.21 fertilizer for application??
answered Jun 29, 2013 by anonymous
My azaleas seem to be dying from the roots, what can I do?
answered Jul 3, 2013 by anonymous
the leaves on our encore azaleas have a tiny black spot, turn yellow then turn red. can you tell me the cause?
answered Jul 7, 2013 by anonymous

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