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This is long, but I want to make sure what I'm looking for is understood, and I hope that is maybe a little proof that I'm honest and earnest. I'm an average late 40s dad, very dad bod type guy. Single White guy. Mostly straight but bi capable and experienced. 6ft.195lbs. Fairly fuzzy. Bearded. Average *****. No **** star here. I'm now single and not looking to get into anything emotional for a while, but I do miss companionship and human warmth. I love playing with *****. OMG I love *******. Love mutual masturbation. Am willing to stop at that. Either a helping hand for each other or holding each other and being nice while we do it ourselves. I've had two "girl friends" in my life who weren't "girlfriends" and a couple of male buddies with whom I enjoyed honest and expectation-less hanging out like this. Just nice people being close and helping each other feel good as a sort of battery recharge and mental grounding in life with safe boundaries.

Disregard every single comment you have seen in this thread for starters, especially if it's coming from a woman. Women don't know how dating is for men, so it doesn't make sense for them to give "experience". It's like a fish giving a fisherman advice on how to catch it. Doesn't make sense right? DO NOT SHARE YOU'RE A VIRGIN - In this day and age, any woman (or something that resembles a woman) that has a ****** can get laid and will have numerous of men willing to have *** with them. "It’s so unfair women are always dating dicks, they should be dating a NICE GUY like me. I’m so nice to all my female friends, but for some reason when I try to have *** with them they turn me down even though I’m SO NICE. Did you see what I said earlier? Disregard every single comment you've seen in this thread. I'm genuinely trying to help you and people don't like it when I expose the truth.Women don't care about "nice guys" or "feminist type guys". There's a ******* sub-reddit dedicated to mocking r/niceguys and r/whiteknighting.PERSONALITY MEANS NOTHING. What do they have that you don't have? You'll probably be a betabux: You're probably loaded with cash and women in their 30s will be looking for some guy to pay for their lifestyle. Seeing as women have a ****** they can do just that. No woman is going to love you because you're charming and sweet. They don't care about that.

I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't think she is truly special. We even shared some pictures and personal details, since everything is absolutely fine IMO. However, she's been completely gone for the last 5 days. I didn't think much at first because she never really replies immediately, but she never misses a conversation. I always get a reply within the day, which is good. Now I'm basically left with no way to find out whether she's OK or not, and it's an awful feeling. Before you say she's ghosting me (and I'm aware it's a very real possibility, as much as I don't want to believe it is), here's this: we chat through Telegram (no phone number) and can also email each other. Assuming everything she said is true, she uses those as means of communication with her clients (she runs her own business). I know she hasn't blocked me on Telegram as I can still see her profile picture and last online activity, and blocks prevent that.

Some of these dating advice tips are pretty basic, treat me with respect, arrange to meet in a safe place, indoors if there's any risk of rain. Turn up on time looking nice and smelling great is always good too! Humour is good, please laugh at my jokes! If I think you share my sense of humour that's a really good feeling. Anyhow, enough about me one of the best ever dating advice tips is to get to know about the girl first, because despite what guys say to one another we are not all the same thank you. I'm not suggesting you become a stalker but I am suggesting you ask a few questions before you go and say something that's going to blow you out of the water. A girl who's a vegetarian is unlikely to want to see a movie involving a bullfight or something of the sort either, so engage brain. So one of my key dating advice tips is to suit the date to the woman.

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